We bring the Ru`ach to your

Chuppah Samples

Mazal Tov!

In this page you will find suggestions of songs for each part of the ceremony.

These samples are many times a shortened version I created to give you the feel for the song.

Requests of songs are welcomed

Looking forward singing to you in your special day at the most spiritual moment.

Yours. Yuval

Procession songs

During the procession, you can have any song you want and touches you. It can be in Hebrew, English or instrumental

Songs for the Groom / Bridesmaids/ Anyone walking down the isle

Songs for children (optional)

Procession songs for the bride

Eshet Chayil- Woman of praise- as circling the groom 7 times

Ceremony songs Part 1

2 Songs below are optional

Baruch Haba – Welcome

Mi Adir – Who’s the great over all

Ceremony songs Part 2

7 Blessing can be sung/ said by the Rabbi ,your family or sang by Yuval as below

Just before breaking the glass we remember Jerusalem with one of these songs (all same lyrics)