We bring the Ru`ach to your



Yuval is an Israeli born London based baritone singer 

He specialises in Hebrew singing and Jewish /Israeli repertoire.

Yuval also plays the keyboard and accompanies himself while singing.

A string quartet, a string duo and flute add-ons are available with beautiful musical arrangements, written just for a Chuppah ceremony.

Yuval and his musicians will start to play background music 15 minutes before ceremony starts and will keep on with hora and upbeat Jewish /Simcha music dancing after you break the glass.

After the chuppah Yuval offers the option to stay and sing in your first set of Israeli / Simcha dancing and even stay throughout the evening and accompany the Benching and Sheva Bracho on his keyboard for a great Ru`ach.

We offer a special rate for the Chuppah when you book the band for the party!

Check our Wedding page for band options for your party.

“Yuval, we can’t thank you enough for your SPECTACULAR performance at our wedding. It was everything we dreamed of and your passion and talent shone through – thank you. The Yerushalyim at the end reduced me to tears and brought so much emotion under that chuppah and to everybody around us.

I will be recommending you to everybody!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Miri and Ollie”