My Name is Yuval and my passion is to rock your event.  I am a professional full time musician and throughout the years I’ve learned the skill of enhancing every moment at an event and bringing it to its full potential by controlling my band and DJ.

I invite you to explore Kedma band & DJ on social networks and our YouTube channel to understand the impact we have on each event we do. No matter if it`s a small budget do or full band and production event.

See you in Smachot.


Yuval Havkin

Kedma Band & DJ  offers a perfect blend of Jewish  and secular music , Bar Mitzvah band , Jewish Wedding Band , Bat Mitzvah Band, Simcha Band ,London, Israeli dancing , Israeli music , Simcha Dancing , Live  Jewish music, Israeli DJ, Jewish DJ, Heimish music Hemish experience Yuval Havkin

Band & DJ

The Kedma Experience

The perfect blend of Heimish and Secular Music. 

Catering the right music for every single moment of your very special day.


Popular packages

3 Piece Band & K-DJ Live

  • Yuval as a singer- Keyboard player and band leader 
  • Saxophonist
  • Drummer
  • DJ

5 Piece & K-DJ Live

  • Live Pop act  -as 3 piece+ 2 English singers
  • KDJ Act – as 3 piece+percussion and violin
  • Simcha band act -as 3 piece+ guitar and trumpet

7-11 Piece Show band & K-DJ-Live

Full band with  2-4 singers +  violinist / percussionist.


All photos on the right are from the same party -same room !  showing our capability in transforming an empty space.

  • Staging
  • Disco lights
  • Atmospheric lights
  • Draping
  • AV