Under the direction of musical superstar Yuval Havkin, the Kedma Band is your one-stop shop for music at your Simcha!  Yuval himself plays too many instruments to count and leads the band in Israeli and Jewish music, singing whilst on the keyboard (or Keytar!). 

The Kedma set up varies from Yuval’s one-man-band (though, you wouldn’t believe it – it sounds like a full orchestra!) to a full showband with saxophone, guitar, drums, singers, percussion, trumpet and violin.  And if that wasn’t enough, they can switch things up during the night and morph into a DJ-Live set up! The Kedma Band is perfect if you’re wondering whether to have a DJ or Band at your function, as they seamlessly rotate.

The Kedma Band, together with Events By Tamar, also offer a number of other, related services, including full event management, dancers, MCs and entertainment. Find out more information on this website.