The Kedma Band

Duo & One-Man-Band
Israeli & English Music

Yuval & Saxophonist

Keyboard and English singers

One Man Band

3 -6 Piece Band
Israeli & English Music

3 Piece Israeli/ Jewish music

4 Piece band with 2 English singers

3 Piece band with 2 English singers

7 -9 Piece band
Israeli & English Music

Israeli/ Jewish music

English Music

English Music

The ultimate combo between our reputed live Israeli music, along with our dancefloor packing live pop sets, we offer our show band as the perfect solution for your special night!

5-12 piece band performing a wide range of Jewish , Israeli and English covers live! With options for either male or female singers, or both!

And yes we can! Go a whole night with just live Jewish/ Israeli music!

We pride ourselves for always being up to date with the latest trends in both traditional simcha music, as well as modern Jewish / Israeli focused repertoire.

So as well as English cover songs we can also do:

Modern and traditional Jewish/Israeli music including up to date orthodox and Israeli hits.

Ashkenazi /Sephardi /Israeli /Mizrachi/ DJ…