We`ll bring the Ru`ach
To your wedding

We bring the “ru’ach

Modern and traditional Jewish/Israeli music including up to date orthodox and Israeli hits.

Ashkenazi /Sephardi /Israeli /Mizrachi/ DJ

English pop and disco with live singers or DJ

We offer the following options for a wedding:

Band from 3 to 10 piece

Band and DJ

Yuval as a One man band +DJ

Also check our Chuppah page

From the Chuppah to the Israeli dancing, from the disco to the Shevah Brachot (and much more inbetween!), Yuval and his Kedma band will deliver the atmosphere and Ru’ach to your guests throughout the evening

Everything from the toasts to the speeches will be accompanied and enhanced along with background music and entertainment around the tables during the meal – a non-stop of music!

All our packages include Yuval, who is the band leader, singer, and keyboard player.

Some of our popular wedding packages include:

5 piece band and DJ

7 piece band including live English music singers

Yuval as one-man band + DJ

We offer a special rate for the Chuppah when you book the band for the party!