One Man Band

Small Band- Big Ru`ach

One Man Band is the perfect option for smaller venues / smaller scale events.

You still get the full Rua`ach and the benefit of LIVE music by Yuval -the singer and keyboard player.

The electronic keyboard used imitates a sound of a whole band and is controlled in real time. no Backing tracks !

Yuval can also DJ and MC and even teach Israeli dancing steps. All that gives you a great value.

Optional add on`s are Saxophonist, DJ & Violinist

We pride ourselves for always being up to date with the latest trends in both traditional simcha music, as well as modern Jewish / Israeli focused repertoire.

English music, Jazz, Latin, Pop, All times favourites, DJ Chart music.

Modern and traditional Jewish/Israeli music including up to date orthodox and Israeli hits.

Ashkenazi /Sephardi /Israeli /Mizrachi/ DJ…

Israeli and Jewish music

Yuval and saxophonist

Yuval as a one man band

Yuval teaches Israeli dancing

Kumzitz sing along towards the end of a party

English Music

Keyboard , singer and saxophone only!

Keyboard and singers only!

With a wireless Keyboard (Keytar )and wireless headset microphone, Yuval can entertain your guests on the dance follr and around tables