Bat Mitzvah Service

Add the touch of music for your Bat Mitzvah ceremony.

Short music intervals during the ceremony will make your ceremony more meaningful and magical.



Parting on Motzei Shabbat? why not recite the Havdalah with your guests and mark the new week.

Yuval can accompany the ceremony with his keyboard and even lead it him self

Yuval is an Israeli born London based baritone singer 

He specialises in Hebrew singing and Jewish /Israeli repertoire.

Yuval also plays the keyboard and accompanies himself while singing.

A string quartet, a string duo and flute add-ons are available with beautiful musical arrangements, written just for a Chuppah ceremony.

Yuval will start to play background music 15 minutes before ceremony starts and will keep on with hora and upbeat Jewish /Simcha music dancing at the end.

After the ceremony Yuval offers the option to stay and sing in your first set of Israeli / Simcha dancing and even stay throughout the evening and accompany the Benching on his keyboard for a great Ru`ach.