Band and DJ Live

Enjoy the best of both worlds!

Our legendary live Israeli music, led by Yuval Havkin, along with our excellent DJ live set, will be sure to give you that special night you deserve. 

We have a 3-5 piece band performing a wide range of Jewish and Israeli music. During the disco, we have a DJ set full of modern and classic pop, with extra backing from the band!

And yes we can! Go a whole night with just live Jewish/ Israeli music!

We pride ourselves for always being up to date with the latest trends in both traditional simcha music, as well as modern Jewish / Israeli focused repertoire.

So as well as a Disco of English music, we can also do:

Modern and traditional Jewish/Israeli music including up to date orthodox and Israeli hits.

Ashkenazi /Sephardi /Israeli /Mizrachi/ DJ…

3-piece band Israeli set
Our DJ for the same party
DJ Live and Israeli sets
DJ Live

Want live English singers?

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